The Rich Picture
Time based digital media in the public sphere

Nancy Baker Cahill


For the first time ever, we have the unusual opportunity to place an original piece of  Virtual Reality, time-based media on the digital billboards on Sunset Boulevard. While an idea like this is tricky,  confidence is strong, based on the impossibly rare combination of rigor and vision that the artist, Nancy Baker Cahill possesses. Cahill is a pioneer in so many ways. Certainly, she is technologically innovative, but more importantly she is insightful in her restraint. By abstractly deconstructing an explosive physical event or a nuanced emotion, there is space to bring our own ghosts into the room, so each experience is personal and uniquely intense. What is difficult to convey, is how emotional Cahill’s work becomes. Utterly now, the allusions to gunfire, the irreversibility of violence; her work evokes both wonder and helplessness. Cahill’s intention is total immersion. Her assertion is that empathy is only possible, absent distraction. Nancy Baker Cahill is an artist who sees the future, knows the opportunity, and understands the possibility of time-based media.


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