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Mariah Garnett

Mariah Garnett: RENT STRIKE

The original graphics and the timely messaging of this exhibition were created by artist Mariah Garnett’s father and a group of screen-printers in Northern Ireland in 1968-1969 called The Poster Workshop. Garnett reimagined these films and images in concert with a larger body of work exploring her relationship with her father, whom she met as an adult. Part of this process is reexamining his political history, in commemoration of the Poster Workshop’s Semi-centennial anniversary. The similitude of conflict is universal. AND LET US IN, was originally in ironic response to police brutalizing a besieged Catholic neighborhood. Today, it references immigration reform. FALLS BURNS, documented intimidation tactics, today it addresses the effects of climate change. RENT STRIKE HERE, much like oppression itself, is the same across time and place.  

Aaron Maclachlan - Garnett2conv.jpg