The Rich Picture
Time based digital media in the public sphere

Julie Weitz- MY GOLEM

Julie Weitz



April 1st-May 31st, 2018--9039 Sunset Blvd.

Airing every 15 minutes from 6am -2am

MY GOLEM is the social media alter ego of artist Julie Weitz. She is an exaggerated personification of the artist’s Jewishness and an embodied metaphor commonly appropriated to symbolize technological domination through Artificial Intelligence run amok. MY GOLEM hypnotically seeps through the virtual world, unleashing bodily witchcraft and ecstatic incantations; she is the uncontrollable corollary of truth and technology gone awry. Weitz turns the historical symbol of our monstrous protector on its head as she imagines the hangover of a sin eater’s binge. Inspired by silent horror films, Kabbalistic rituals, anti- Semitic propaganda and queer performance, MY GOLEM situates Weitz’s cultural identity and physical body as a lens for examining how identity mutates online. In a much larger context, MY GOLEM is the talisman of our planet’s toxic vilification, an amalgam of rumor and symbol: the repository of our discontent.