The Rich Picture
Time based digital media in the public sphere




Jessica Rich, the Rich Picture

Curator and Producer, Jessica Rich, earned her BA in Art History from The George Washington University. After interning for the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art, Jessica wrote her senior thesis on J. Louis David and the untenable rigor of the Neoclassical practice.  Upon graduation, Rich embarked on a two-decade-long career in feature film marketing. As Senior Vice President, Creative Advertising for Fox Studios and then for Sony Pictures Entertainment she created and managed hundreds of successful film marketing campaigns. Rich has spent most of her adult life, building, and managing her family’s art collection. Composed of significant post-war contemporary American and European artists, this collection, and its holistic administration, has fostered and educated Rich's unusual perspective . Rich began volunteering at LA><ART in 2014. Eventually she would expand their public art initiative by curating two locations of HD Digital billboard screens in West Hollywood. In 2016, after producing LA><ART’s 10-Year Anniversary Gala and Auction, Rich joined LA><ART Founder, Lauri Firstenberg, in her new endeavor and together they created IF Innovation Foundation, to inspire the production and exhibition of art and culture as an agent of change. Rich continues to expand and steer many public art projects, Some are independent explorations through The Rich Picture and others are collaborations with IF Innovation Foundation and West Hollywood’s Art On The Outside; among them the digital exhibitions on Sunset Blvd..This ongoing and rotating exhibition series of digital time-based media has now expanded to include murals and sculpture throughout the City of West Hollywood. Jessica Rich lives in Santa Monica with her family; and believes that although public art can lead to cultural equity, telling the truth is still a revolutionary act.

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